David McCallum







David McCallum and his best friend, Willie Stuckey, were arrested in 1985, at age 16, for the Brooklyn NY kidnapping and murder of 20-year-old Nathan Blenner. There was no witness testimony or forensic evidence to back up their eventual convictions, only their “confessions” against each other after each boy had been bullied by police into submission and told, falsely, that the friend in the other room had “fingered” him.

Both convictions were overturned in 2014 after having been reviewed by the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Conviction Review Unit, and David was released in October of that year, just days shy of being incarcerated for 29 years. Sadly, Willie Stuckey was not by his side. Willie died in prison in 2001, but his mother was there, along with Mrs. McCallum to welcome David into freedom. David’s first goal after release was to get home to his mother’s fried chicken, an emotional first meal!

21 Carrot & Stick – False Confession