19 Thanksgiving in Prison


Giovanni Reid, our featured juvenile lifer, talks to juvie on the phone about what Thanksgiving is like in prison, the foods he remembers, his memory of his last Thanksgiving dinner outside prison in 1990, what Thanksgiving has meant to him since that time, and what he is thankful for this year.

2 juvie Preview

cropped-Zoe-Badovinac-juvie-Album-Art-v1-2-2.jpgA collection of soundbites giving a taster of people, subjects and issues to be featured in this podcast that will explore cases, legislation, experiences and ramifications of children and youth in juvenile justice AND adult criminal justice systems. A recurring theme of the show will be the story and developing situation of one particular Pennsylvania prisoner, arrested at 16, tried, convicted, sentenced as an adult.

Intro/Outro: Jeffrey Deskovic

Voice of Pennsylvania prisoner: Lewis M

Music: Chameleon Catholics – Where’s Cush?