8 Cordless and Empowered – Tyrone Jones

dsc06176-copyWe talk to Tyrone Jones, speaking on a cordless phone, sitting in the backyard of his new home in Chester County PA, 11 days after his release from 43 years in a Pennsylvania prison. Cordless phones, cell phones, the internet, email – it’s all new technology for Ty, but he’s gradually getting to grips with these tools that facilitate his new power for self-determination.

Intro / Outro: Jeffrey Deskovic

Music: Chameleon Catholics – Where’s Cush?

7 Juvenile Justice News Roundup

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Release of Tyrone Jones after 43 years; Adnan Syed prosecutor, Thiru Vignarajah leaving position as Maryland Assistant Attorney General; Overturning of Brendan Dassey conviction appealed by State of Wisconsin; Slender Man girls enter pleas of “not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect”.

Intro: Jeffrey Deskovic

Music: Chameleon Catholics – Crayon Thesis