21 Carrot & Stick – False Confession

In animated conversation with New York State exonerees, Jeffrey Deskovic and David McCallum, who were both charged with murder at age 16, and spent 16 and 29 years in prison, respectively: They talk in depth about the nature of teenage false confession, describing their own experiences, expounding on the red flags that indicate a confession may not be genuine, and outlining laws and procedures that would make false confession by juveniles less likely. Zoe reflects on developmental context. Continue reading

7 Juvenile Justice News Roundup

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Release of Tyrone Jones after 43 years; Adnan Syed prosecutor, Thiru Vignarajah leaving position as Maryland Assistant Attorney General; Overturning of Brendan Dassey conviction appealed by State of Wisconsin; Slender Man girls enter pleas of “not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect”.

Intro: Jeffrey Deskovic

Music: Chameleon Catholics – Crayon Thesis