3 We call him Jerry – He’s my son


No-one wants a docked cat that’s been caged for a long time…. except Pop.

We’re in South Philly, and “Pop” Jimmy tells us about his incarcerated son, Giovanni – “Jerry”, and about the effects his youngest son’s arrest, conviction and imprisonment have had on his life. Pop has recently had reason to be hopeful, though, and he has many interesting, poignant and funny stories to tell. We hear Giovanni’s first letter to “juvie”.

Details about Giovanni’s criminal case will come in future episodes – for now, let’s focus on the personalities of father and son. Let’s get to know Pop and “Jerry” first, before we delve into the particulars and circumstances of the crime for which Giovanni was convicted.

Intro/Outro: Jeffrey Deskovic

Voice of Giovanni: Lewis M

Music: Chameleon Catholics – Where’s Cush?

8 thoughts on “3 We call him Jerry – He’s my son

  1. Jerry is my cousin and I think that this is an excellent way to get his story told. I speak with my Uncle Jimmy weekly regarding Jerry.

    Yes brother, you will be fine when you get home.

    • Thank you, Cheryl, for touching base. This is just an introduction to “Jerry”‘s story – a getting-to-know the characters at play. We will get to the details of his case as time goes on, as well as presenting more of his letters. In an upcoming episode, La Tasha Williams will be giving an overview. Great to hear from someone else who is close to Giovanni!

      • Zoe, I am Jerry’s cousin, but I have never met him. I moved to CA when I was 14, and I am now 70. I would always go back to Philly or a regular basis, but I never met Jerry.
        Our family is very special, our blood runs deep and we are loyal to the end for our brothers and sisters.
        I hate that Jerry has had to endure this, I have helped financially and any way that I can. Family is everything, that is how we have been taught, since we were small. We would have family dinners every weekend, but the funny thing is that the only people there were family. I never remember any outsiders being involved in our family nights.
        I pray daily, that Jerry will be released and have the opportunity to have a meaningful life, I want to see this happen.

        Thank you again for this necessary project and God Bless you.

  2. Giovannia Reid is a loving an caring person never been a problem young man always respectful, I’m his sister in law Francine Reid I love him an may the justice system have some mercy on him he’s innocent an to hear my father in law it hurts my husand an Jerry are extremely close he’s still goes through it worrying when will they free Giovanni…Emiliano Sr,Emiliano jr.,Giovannia loves an missed you.

  3. We need more of these types of stories to give names and faces to our children who are incarcerated and the families that love them none the less. We need to understand that as citizens of this city these are “our” children and we all suffer when they are away. And they need to know when they come home they have support from family and community.

  4. I’m a little bit of family my niece is he’s niece. My sister had her first child by his brother Emillano and I still remember the days when me and Ms Melvina would sit in the kitchen and talk about the good old days when Jerry and Mils where still her babies. Jerry was always to himself and he’s atari that she would leave hooked up to the TV in he’s room.and he’s chair that he would sit in was as he left it.I know that once Jerry is freed it will be a sun shinny day.because Allah is Akbar Ameen…

  5. Gee father touched me so deeply to my soul He is a perfect example of what incarcerated family’s go through . I been following Gee case for awhile . He is an innocent man caught up in an unjust justice system .I am glad his story is being told I pray for him and the other innocent man women that they be released now. Great forum podcast thank you

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