Episode 3

We call him Jerry – He’s my son

No-one wants a docked cat that’s been caged for a long time…. except Pop.

We’re in South Philly, and “Pop” Jimmy tells us about his incarcerated son, Giovanni – “Jerry”, and about the effects his youngest son’s arrest, conviction and imprisonment have had on his life. Pop has recently had reason to be hopeful, though, and he has many interesting, poignant and funny stories to tell. We hear Giovanni’s first letter to “juvie”.

Details about Giovanni’s criminal case will come in future episodes – for now, let’s focus on the personalities of father and son. Let’s get to know Pop and “Jerry” first, before we delve into the particulars and circumstances of the crime for which Giovanni was convicted.


 “Pop” Jimmy Reid in his senior-living apartment in South Philadelphia


 “Jerry” (Giovanni Reid) at 15 – Framed photograph on his dad’s apartment wall

DSC05882   DSC05881

Rachel, “Pop” Jimmy’s cat


“Pop” Jimmy in the lobby of his senior-living apartment in South Philadelphia