juvie presents cases of juvenile charging and conviction, developments in the states’ implementation of the new SCOTUS Montgomery vs. Louisiana ruling on juvenile lifers, and is the forum for the re-examination and exposure of the wrongful conviction of Giovanni Reid.

juvie is a new and noteworthy podcast, for being the only podcast in the world solely devoted to children, youth and criminal justice! juvie is conceived, written, produced and narrated by Maryland Brit, Zoe Badovinac.

Zoe Badovinac is a child and adolescent development specialist, former music therapist, mobile therapist, child psychiatry researcher, and court-appointed special advocate/guardian ad litem.

  • Featured cases of possible and actual wrongful convictions of juveniles
  • Developments in Montgomery vs. Louisiana, with a particular focus on Pennsylvania
  • Interviews
  • Twice-monthly Juvenile Justice News Roundup on current cases in the media, legislative rulings, policy platforms and research

juvie Podcast’s mission is:
– to explore and re-investigate selected possible wrongful convictions of minors (currently, PA juvenile lifer Giovanni Reid)
– to promote awareness about issues relating to children and youth – past and present – and their involvement with the American juvenile AND adult criminal justice systems;
– to promote understanding about developmental factors in juvenile criminal activity and engagement with the criminal justice system;
– to bring attention to children and youth’s particular vulnerability to persuasion, coercion and false confession;
– to promote the fair sentencing of children and youth which takes both chronological age and actual developmental-cognitive status into consideration;
– to provide a twice-monthly general Juvenile Justice News Roundup to keep listeners informed about cases, legislation, policy platforms and research;
– to feature the ongoing progress of implementation of the January 2016 SCOTUS Montgomery vs. Alabama ruling on juvenile Life Without Parole, with a particular focus on Pennsylvania;
– to provide a forum through which concerned relatives might bring attention to the cases of their loved ones

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