19 Thanksgiving in Prison


Giovanni Reid, our featured juvenile lifer, talks to juvie on the phone about what Thanksgiving is like in prison, the foods he remembers, his memory of his last Thanksgiving dinner outside prison in 1990, what Thanksgiving has meant to him since that time, and what he is thankful for this year.

18 Forty-Two Years & Hoping – Giovanni’s Birthday

14695318_1205522662841806_8796087147179181274_nAs Giovanni Reid turns 42, we talk with his older sister, Theresa Reid, who describes him growing up, and during the 25 years since his incarceration. We hear about the family and community environment into which Giovanni was born, and about his three closest friends, with whom he was to head for dawn disaster.

This is the first adult birthday that Giovanni can celebrate with hopes of rejoining his family…..

Intro / Outro: Jeffrey Deskovic

Voice of “Pop” Jimmy Reid – Jimmy Reid

Music: Chameleon Catholics – Where’s Cush?; It’s Like Trying to Speak Swahili with Gandhi

17 Going Mainstream – Giovanni’s TV Debut


We expand upon and review the ABC27 News recent television piece on Pennsylvania juvenile lifers’ resentencing and possible release following a January Supreme Court ruling, for which Giovanni Reid was interviewed by the channel’s anchor, Dennis Owens. In conversation with La Tasha Williams, we talk about how the public might have received the piece, and the drawback of juxtaposing the broader issue of juvenile lifers being released with Giovanni’s personal story of his innocence claim on a short, quick-fired 5-minute TV slot. We also have a bit of fun with Dennis Owens’ naming of this podcast!